Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary, Kollam

Shendurney, another bash in a tropical semi-evergreen forest! For company, you may have some die-hard party animals – elephants, tigers, leopards, bisons, sambar, wild boar, lion-tailed macaques, nilgiri langur, deer and many of the other inhabitants of a west coast tropical evergreen forest.

The Shenduruney forest – declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1984 gets its name from an endemic species of tree called Chenkurunji (Gluta travancorica). In the central region of this moist, mixed deciduous forest, spread over hilly terrain of over 172 sq km, is the 26 sq km artificial lake formed by the Parappar dam built across the Shenduruney, Kulathupuzha and Kazhuthurutty rivers.

But beautiful surroundings guaranteed to give those exhausted batteries a recharge is not all what Shenduruney is famous for. According to some recent archaeological discoveries, a rock shelter has been found here which contains a few pre-historic rock engravings believed to be from the Mesolithic period (5210 – 4420BC). As part of the Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve, the sanctuary has an important role to play in conserving the rich biological diversity.

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